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brushedup's Journal

Brushed Up
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A B O U T :

Yupp, you've found the right place for awesome brushes. This lovely little place belongs to Stephanie. You are allowed to take everything in this journal, with the exception that you must credit. Please, read over the rules and info. If you have a question, please comment and be patient.

R U L E S :

1. CREDIT me for my work by putting "brushedup" artwork keywords userinfo. If using on another journal site, please credit as brushedup.

2. COMMENT when taking any brushes/ work of mine.

3. DO NOT EDIT MY WORK unless I specifically say that they are OPEN for customization.

4. I WILL TAKE REQUESTS. up to a certain extent. Please see el_jay_icons for that.

If any of these are broken in some form or fashion, please notify me. Thanks!

L I N K S :